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How to Boost Sex Drive Guide

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How to Boost Sex Drive Guide

When looking for a way to boost your libido, it helps to understand what could be affecting it.

It is normal and natural for one's sex drive, also known as libido, to fluctuate over time. Sex drives are impacted by everything from daily stress to hormone fluctuations. Sex drives do notoriously decrease, to some extent with age, however, it is possible to maintain a healthy sex drive.

If you'd like to have a stronger desire for intimacy than you're currently experiencing, there are many simple and methods to improve your sex drive.

While it is natural for sex drives to change and fluctuate over time, if you are experiencing any health issues, including a sudden or drastic change in your sex drive, please seek the help of a medical professional.

Low libido is usually a complex problem. Taking the approach of adopting healthy lifestyle changes in multiple areas of your health and well-being helps boost libido. Whether you are wondering how to increase male libido or how to increase sex drive in women, the following tips can help:

Manage Anxiety / Stress

Anxiety has been proven to worsen sexual dysfunction. It is hard to feel sexual when you're feeling anxious.

If you deal with anxiety and also are feeling anxious about sexuality, that impacts your libido even further. In this instance, managing your anxiety at large should help.

Experiencing consistent high-stress levels impacts your health and sex life in many ways. But there are many stress management techniques and lifestyle changes you can try to help cope with stress and boost your mental health and some of these may also help increase your sex drive:

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Do some stretching or yoga
  • Try deep breathing
  • Go for a walk or workout
  • Talk to family, friends, or a therapist
  • Set aside time for hobbies

Treat Depression

When people are depressed, sexual dysfunction is common. Depression can have a negative effect on libido like anxiety can. Equally when depression is treated, sexual function and desire tend to improve. Like anxiety, you can treat depression with therapy, medications, and/or natural healing methods.

If you are experiencing low libido caused by your depression medication, that may be particularly frustrating. You may want to speak to your doctor about managing depression differently if the lack of libido makes you feel more depressed.

Improve Sleep Quality

A good night's sleep is key to a good day. Sleep disorders are associated with many different health problems, including low libido and sexual dysfunction.

If you have a serious sleep condition, speak with your doctor about potential treatments for it. If you have a milder problem, such as occasionally dealing with insomnia, or you experience racing thoughts when you try to sleep, you can try methods to improve your sleep habits.

Try Effective Natural Remedies

Studies have shown that some natural remedies promising to increase libido have risks that outweigh their benefits, while others are effective and don't tend to come with side effects.

There are several different natural herbs and adaptogens (i.e., substances that have been shown to alleviate depression and tiredness) that have been shown to improve everything from libido to virility and fertility. Some of the most popular include maca, ginseng, and ginko biloba.


The Peruvian root known as maca is one of the most well-studied aphrodisiac herbs. Still, research is more preliminary since the supplement industry is not as funded as the pharmaceutical industry.


Another herbal root, ginseng, has been shown to positively impact libido and sexual function.

Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is an herb that is used as an extract. Gingko Biloba Extract (GBE) is used for the physical side of low libido; it can increase sex drive because of its effect on blood flow. Specifically, GBE increases blood flow to the genital area. It has been shown to increase sexual desire and satisfaction.


Just like how any forms of exercise are better than none, there are no rules about what fitness-increasing activities one should try if they are exercising for the sake of improving their sex drive.

There is no shortage of the benefits our bodies reap by being physically active, but you can add improved sex drive to the already-long list of exercise rewards.

Exercise has been proven to increase libido. There are numerous ways that physical activity serves to improve sex drive, and they include positive body self-image, improved cardiovascular health and mood, increased sympathetic nervous system activity, and improvement of one's endocrine system.

Eat Libido-Enhancing Foods

While there is no magic bullet food that will instantaneously increase your sex drive, there is plenty of truth behind the idea of aphrodisiac foods. These foods are more centered around getting you key nutrients and in good qualities than magically "pushing your buttons" to want to be sexual.11

Some types of foods that are good for libidos include:

  • Zinc-rich foods, which regulate testosterone and stamina, such as oysters, red meat, and pine nuts
  • Stamina and circulation boosters like fresh produce, whole grains, and legumes
  • High flavonoid foods that help prevent sexual dysfunction, such as citrus, peppers, tea, and cocoa

Limit Libido-Lowering Foods

Foods that can improve your sex drive are known as aphrodisiacs and foods that can reduce it further are called anaphrodisiacs. Similar to how aphrodisiac foods can't magically put you in the mood for sex, anaphrodisiac foods are equally unlikely to take you right out of that mood.

But, in the opposite vein, as aphrodisiac foods offer nutrients that improve sexual function, anaphrodisiac foods have nutrients or attributes that can decrease your sexual health. Those foods include:

  • High saturated fats, as found in fried foods, lead to clogged arteries and reduced blood flow
  • Soy, which can increase estrogen
  • Polyunsaturated fats, such as vegetable oil, can reduce testosterone levels
  • High sodium, which increases blood pressure
  • Foods that require insulin to process, such as white flour and sugar, can reduce testosterone levels12

Improve communication and connection with your partner

The longer you're in a relationship, the more common it is to feel that the sexual chemistry between you and your partner or partners has dissipated. Not feeling as sexual or excited about your partner may prove difficult to get into the mood to be intimate with them.

This can be resolved by working on your relationship together. You can try sex therapy together, couples therapy, scheduling date nights, going on vacation together, or performing more intentional touching together. The better your relationship feels to you emotionally, the more likely you are to want to be intimate with your partner.

Practice Body Neutrality

Sometimes people experience low sex drive because they aren't feeling comfortable in their bodies. One way to deal with this difficulty effectively is to practice body neutrality. It's the idea of accepting your body as it is, without trying to love it when that doesn't feel possible, and for being grateful for the functions that it can perform.

Body neutrality can be practiced in many different ways, ranging from how you select the clothes you wear to how you choose the foods you eat. In addition, it has many mental health benefits, some of which, like lowering stress, naturally improve sex drive.

Limit Alcohol Usage

It should come as no surprise that alcohol can have a negative impact on your sex drive. While alcohol may feel like a libido enhancer in the moment, it's actually a depressant so the initial boost in your desire for sex is just temporary.

Alcohol can have a negative impact on parts of your body that are important for sexual function and drive, from blood flow to organ function. If you experience an increase in libido from drinking, do your best to keep your intake to a single glass of wine or cocktail. More is not better when it comes to alcohol and sexual function.

Consult with your healthcare provider

If you are concerned about changes in your libido, talking with a healthcare provider could help. They can provide you with more information about the potential causes of your low libido and offer options to help increase your libido.

In some cases, your doctor can recommend medical treatments to help.


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