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Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
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Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
SEK:199kr SEK:299kr
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
SEK:199kr SEK:299kr

Panty Vibrator

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Panty Vibrators

When you are sitting on the train or in a long meeting at work, you may need to relax with a little vaginal stimulation. If you are on your way to a love meeting with your partner or a casual acquaintance, you may want to prepare yourself before the meeting.

You may be sitting in a lecture or watching a theater performance and want to eroticize the intellectual experience. A panty vibrator can then be the perfect aid. With it, you can stimulate yourself discreetly exactly when you want and wherever you are, without anyone noticing.

Different variants

Panty vibrators come in different designs and variants. There are those that stimulate the clitoris and labia while others also caress the inside of your vagina as well as those that give you anal pleasure.

However, the principle of all varieties of panty vibrators is to subtly massage you to orgasm while you are clothed and without you having to touch yourself. Instead, you control the vibrations using a wireless control. If you want to challenge yourself and make it extra exciting, you can let your partner handle the remote control.

Bullet vibrators

These panty vibrators are ergonomically designed as a cartridge to stimulate your clitoris and labia. They are discreet yet powerful and perfect for giving you instant pleasure and sensual massage, for example when you are out and about. The cartridge has been designed to be comfortable to carry.

Panties with built-in vibrator

In this variant, panties in different designs are included, which have a small pocket where the included vibrator fits perfectly. The vibrator has an ergonomic shape that stimulates both the clitoris and labia. The panties are designed in a pleasurable material in a seductive design to heighten your sensual experience.

Butterfly vibrators

This panty vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris and the inside of your vagina at the same time. While the curved vibrator gives you G-spot stimulation, the specially designed butterfly hugs your body to provide external stimulation in the form of a motion pattern that rocks back and forth.

Remote controlled panty vibrators

With a remote-controlled vibrator, you can choose to control the vibrator directly from your smart phone. There are also variants of remote-controlled panty vibrators where you control the vibrations through your voice or movements. The remote control doesn't even have to be nearby, meaning you can let your partner take control of your pleasure as well.

Panty vibrators with multiple functions

These variants have up to ten different functions that you can use to achieve the maximum enjoyment. There are features such as vibration, pulsation and escalation to choose from. In addition to giving you an orgasm whenever you want no matter where you are, this massager is also a perfect toy to use with your partner.

Panty vibrators that stimulate both front and back

There are panty vibrators that stimulate both vaginally and anally at the same time. These vibrators often have a smaller egg-shaped ball that you place anally while placing the shaft vaginally.

The gnarled surface then stimulates your labia and clitoris while the ball gives you anal pleasure. This three-part stimulation provides a perfect sensation. The vibrators have a design that can be comfortably worn in your panties.

The cable that connects the ball and the shaft is also flexible and therefore adapts to the size and shape of your body.

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