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 Orgasm Control Gel - 100ml
 Orgasm Control Gel - 100ml  Orgasm Control Gel - 100ml

Orgasm Control Gel - 100ml

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Orgasm Control Line enriched with a new product. Orgasm Control Gel is an innovative product that was created specifically for the request of our customers.

We created it, so you can enjoy extra-long intercourses. To enrich your experience while delaying the moment of ejaculation. If you dream you are in bed long-distance sexual stamina, use Orgasm Control +  Gel regularly. End of feverish gallop, fast finish, and inconsolable look of your women! Embarrassment disappear in intimate situations. Together with his partner begin to enjoy the amazing and long sex.

The unique combination of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals of ORGASM CONTROL has a multi-level action.

ORGASM CONTROL has been created in order to support and regulate functioning of male body of any age. Enjoy sex and reach satisfaction without fear and doubts that you will not meet expectations of your partner or that pleasure will end too soon.

Prepare for a revolution in your erotic life. Naturally, without using potent drugs or troublesome, time consuming exercises. ORGASM CONTROL is a breakthrough diet supplement supporting sexual efficiency, control over libido. This is the key to satisfaction in the sphere.

The unique formula of Orgasm Control:

Orgasm Control is a herbal dietary supplement - find out about its effectiveness. Instead of embarrassing situation to come up to a partner, you will feel the power of sexual marathon.


The essential oil contains mainly menthol, which grants the feeling of cooling. It is an ingredient with characteristic, fresh scent. It originates from North America, Europe, India and China. This substance blocks microbial growth and has anti-inflammatory properties. It gives the feeling of freshness and cooling by interacting with appropriate receptors present in the skin


Compound with strong, characteristic mint scent, one of the main ingredients of the mint oil. It is characterised by refreshing, soothing, cooling, anaesthetic and irritation soothing properties.


Peppermint Oil soothes skin inflammations and irritation, heats up.

ORGASM CONTROL contains ingredients known for properties increasing resistance to exertion, not only related to sexual activity. Natural compounds support the circulatory, urinary-sexual and neural and hormonal systems.

The hormonal system, incredibly important in regulation of fertility and potency shall be naturally regulated thanks to herbal ingredients. In addition, the unique combination of plant ingredients and vitamins and gained renown thanks to its antioxidative action, which protects from free radicals, strengthens the whole body, increasing its efficiency.

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