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 Orgie - Orgasm Drops Vibe! 15 ml
 Orgie - Orgasm Drops Vibe! 15 ml  

Orgie - Orgasm Drops Vibe! 15 ml

: E32276

Orgie - Orgasm Drops Vibe! 15 ml

Clitoral arousal with tingling effect. The new Orgasm Drops Vibe! brings the same effects of its original product: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an initial refreshing sensation followed by a pleasant warming sensation leading to a whirlwind of pleasure now boosted by its new effect: the already famous vibrating sensation delivered by Orgie product line Sexy Vibe!

- increases the clitoris sensibility and promotes aa vibration effect Orgie's exclusive and groundbreaking formulation
- employs selected high-end raw materials
- the ultimate product for clitoris arousal
- mind blowing sensations and climax
- A rollercoaster of new sensations!

15 ml

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