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 Viaman Delay Wipes

Viaman Delay Wipes

: Via-Del

The bedroom is a place where you should feel free to boldly explore without fear of crossing the finish line too early.

For this reason have Viaman ™ combined 2000-century science with advanced research to develop napkins that are fast and easy to use and which, moreover, hardly noticeable after application. They use a formula with rich ingredients that are known to help you achieve the constant bed performance you are looking for!

Small and compact fördröjningsservetter
Unobtrusive and easy to use
Award-winning brand
No perfumes or irritating ingredients
No medical exams or prescription needed
Handy 6-pack
Throws you into the heat of passion to just get those special moments shortened? If so, you can take a step towards enhancing your intimate experiences with these new and clever napkins from Viaman ™. They contain specially selected ingredients that are known to help to tone up, stabilize, and mildly numb the skin to help your desired areas to stay strong and active for longer periods.

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