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Beach Dress and Cover-Large siortiment

Summer beach dresses are becoming more and more awe-inspiring with their colorful patterns and aggressive textures. They are a great combination of light fabrics, comfort, and beautiful designs that every woman likes to wear and become the center of attention on every occasion she participates in.

Type of Beach Dress

The Shift

If you feel it suits you well, don’t hesitate to wear it on the beach or at the pool. It is perfect for slender, standard-to-tall-shaped physiques.

The Wrap

Fits all figures. No matter if you are curvaceous or slender, the wrap dress will look fabulous. Summer beach dresses with this style make the silhouette more feminine and sophisticated.

The Smocked

Always in soft material, a smock dress has to follow the shape of your body. For that reason, it has to have some movement so it does not stick out from the bust, making you look as if you are wearing a peculiar costume.

The Empire Line

This one styles all different types of women, especially those wanting to make their legs look longer. With the waistline raised up (under the bust), women get a gentle definition and a strong sense of femininity at the same time while looking taller and with longer legs. It is superb for petites and works extremely well for curvy and top-heavy shapes as it flatters the bust line and provides coverage for pear and apple shapes simultaneously.

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