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Products for pelvic floor exercises

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Vibrating eggs

The so-called vibrating eggs are very popular among both novice and advanced users of sex toys. It depends maybe on the eggs are so versatile and it's easy to vary how to use dom? There are several different versions with remote control which is wireless or wired.

The vibrating egg or kegel can be used both as an external klitorisstimulator or internally to stimulate the vagina. Try first with that to keep the egg in your hand and bring it to the spots on the body that feels comfortable.  Why not together with your partner?

Kegel balls

All the body's muscles feel good to be trained. This means that the muscles that are not used will be slackened with time. The muscles that are present in the vagina, you can train up to maintain or improve elasticity and strength with the help of so-called Geisha balls or kegelballs.

We usually call these training sessions for pelvic floor exercises and midwives and doctors are usually positive due to prevention of incontinence, increases well-being during intercourse och reduces risk of prolapse. It is also often a help when you want to restore the vagina after having a baby.

As a rule, it is better to start training before the problems arise but it is never too late to start. Keep in mind that a good sex life lead to health so even if you are not experiencing any problems today, so do you still experience positive effects during sexual intercourse


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