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Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
SEK:199kr SEK:299kr
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
SEK:199kr SEK:299kr
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray
SEK:199kr SEK:299kr

MEN-Potency and lust enhancers

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 Kuh-Nekt Male Virility - 30 caps 

SEK:1259kr SEK:2228kr
 GoldMAX Oral Jelly – 14 sachets 

SEK:615kr SEK:658kr
 V-XL Instant 5 tabs 

SEK:349kr SEK:399kr
 Kuh-Nekt Male Virility - 20 caps 

SEK:899kr SEK:1348kr
 Kuh-Nekt Male Virility - 10 caps 

SEK:525kr SEK:880kr
 Kuh-Nekt Male Virility - 4 caps 

SEK:249kr SEK:352kr
 Gold MAX - Blue DAILY 120 capsules 

SEK:694kr SEK:778kr
 FIVE Instant Erection Aids - 20 tabs 

SEK:1132kr SEK:1400kr
 FIVE Instant Erection Aids - 4 tabs 

SEK:240kr SEK:280kr
 V-XL Instant Erection Aid - 20 tabs 

SEK:1132kr SEK:1400kr
 V-XL Instant Erection Aid - 30 tabs 

SEK:1698kr SEK:2100kr
 FIVE Instant Erection Aids - 10 tabs 

SEK:625kr SEK:700kr
 Horny Little Devil 30 caps save 36% 

SEK:1369kr SEK:2340kr
 GMAX Power Erection Aid 30 caps save 39% 

SEK:1099kr SEK:2085kr
 Horny Little Devil 20 caps save 34% 

SEK:991kr SEK:1560kr
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 GMAX Power 10 kapslar-Hårdare stånd 

SEK:399kr SEK:695kr

Potency Enhancer for Men

Men and women differ in many ways when it comes to sex life. This applies above all when it comes to desire and ability. Regardless of gender, we are also affected in our everyday life by various factors such as stress, diseases and others. There, it is more common for women to lose their desire, while for men it is rather the ability that is affected.

You, who are a little older, probably remember how you had a harder time when you were young. It is normal, younger men almost always have a harder erection than older men. In addition to age, there are a number of things that can affect potency and that can make you need a male potency enhancer. Common things are stress, poor diet, smoking, high blood pressure or certain medications such as antidepressants. With us, however, you can find help.

Get a better erection

Pills are one of many things you can use to get a harder erection. Lifestyle changes are of course one thing, but that is often easier said than done. Most of us lead stressful lives with work, children, cleaning and cooking. If you have major medical problems, you may need surgery or a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication.

For those of you who have a sex life, but want to improve it, a natural potency enhancer may be enough. Feel free to try one of our test enhancers for improved erection. You will not only notice a difference in bed, but in the rest of your life as well.

How do potency enhancers work?

A potency enhancer gives your erection a boost and each agent is uniquely designed. The ones we sell contain natural ingredients and come in practical capsule form. If you have ever tried a prescription potency-enhancing drug, you have probably noticed that it is very difficult. For it to work, you need to plan your sex life very carefully.

Our supplements GoldMax and HardMan are significantly more flexible. You take the number of capsules recommended approximately 45 minutes before it is time to enjoy. But you don't have to fit in that time, the effect lasts for up to 36 hours. If you decide not to have sex, that's no problem either. You won't have to walk around with an unused erection.

What effects does a potency enhancer have

As a man, you can get a harder and better erection if you buy a potency-enhancing agent from us. But it doesn't end there, you can count on several positive effects from taking these tablets. You will have increased sexual stamina. But also, in most cases, being able to have sex more times in a day and experience better orgasms.

This means that these preparations are not only positive for those who have difficulty getting a foothold. Even you who, for example, have planned a long weekend in bed with your partner, will enjoy them greatly.

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