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Products for more sperm production

Increase sperm production

Suffering from low sperm production is more common than you might think and something that affects many men at some point in their lives. However, it is easily fixed and nothing to be ashamed of.

With us, you will find several different food supplements that help you increase sperm production. You will also notice that there are several other benefits to taking the supplements regularly, both sexual and physical.

How it works

The dietary supplements in our range contribute to an increased sperm quality while at the same time speeding up sperm production. The products also contribute with a positive effect on your physical well-being and your fertility.

There are many natural substances that promote the body's sperm production. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps the body raise testosterone levels. This in turn leads to increased sperm production.

Vitamin C and vitamin D also help you increase sperm production, just like for example Ashwagandha, Maca and L-arginine. Saffron stimulates sperm motility, while Tribulus terrestris improves fertility and sex drive. In our assortment, we have several different food supplements that contain some, or all, of the above-mentioned ingredients. You will also find food supplements that only have 100% natural ingredients.

More sperm with supplements

The dietary supplements come in the form of flexible capsules to be swallowed with water. You can take between one and four capsules per day, usually one to two times per day. How many capsules to take, and how often, varies depending on which brand you prefer. We also have dietary supplements in the form of drops that suit you who for some reason do not want or cannot take capsules. Regardless of whether you prefer capsules or drops, it is important that you do not exceed the recommended dose.

Gels and creams

For those of you who are satisfied with your sperm production but want to try something new and exciting, we have, for example, creams that resemble sperm. The gel-like cream is equally suitable for use at home or if you are shooting erotic films. The creams are skin-friendly and can be used anywhere on the body.

Other benefits

There are several other benefits of taking one of our dietary supplements for increased sperm production. Among other things, you can have more intense orgasms, even after several ejaculations.

Another advantage is that some feel that the stall becomes harder and also lasts longer. The dietary supplements also contribute to improving both the taste and texture of the semen. As the capsules contain many vitamins and minerals, they also promote your overall health, which also has a positive effect on your sperm.

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