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Electro sex and E-stim

Electro sex and E-stim

Erotic electrostimulation (abbreviated e-stim and is sometimes called electrosex too)

Erotic electrostimulation

Estim, erotic electrostimulation, is a form of sex usually associated with BDSM activities. The products we offer are a development of this.

When you have electrosex, you use electricity to stimulate your or your partner's body in different ways. The most common is to put emphasis on the genitals, which are already sensitive in themselves.

Running current into them gives a sensational experience that is hard to compare with anything else. The electricity can make you or your partner reach orgasm without any other stimulation. But you can also use it as a supplement and thus greatly enhance the orgasm.

Electricity should always be handled with care. Therefore, it is important that if you want to try electrosex, make sure you read up on and buy safe products.

Different types of products

There are estim products in many different variants and designs. If you buy toys in this product category, you also need an external power source, a so-called TENS. You then use it to control the current into the toy.

Those of you who have a previous interest in sex toys will recognize most of the products that are made for electrosex. We have, among other things, dildos, geisha balls and buttplugs that you can connect to a TENS unit and thus give a deep and heartfelt electric sensation.

For men, we also have estim fleshlights. One such will enhance your pleasure when you masturbate.

If you want to use electricity to stimulate the outside of the body, there are several products. Among other things, we have clamps and different types of electrodes you can place on the penis, breasts or other safe body parts.

To ensure that your electrosex is extra comfortable and that the current conducts properly, there is a specially adapted lubricant or gel. We recommend that you buy it regardless of whether you are going to use a toy externally or internally.

For those of you who use estim as part of BDSM, we also have a large selection of arousing products. You will find, among other things, electrically powered penis cages and Wartenberg wheels, but also leather paddles that you can connect to a TENS unit for those who want to give or receive an electric spanking.

Safety in connection with erotic electrostimulation

If you and your partner are new to electrosex, it's important to pay attention to how your partner reacts. Please have a security word. Always use a TENS device when practicing electrosex. It is much safer than using a sex toy plugged directly into a power outlet.

We have a large selection of TENS, all of which are tested according to all regulations. Done right, estim is a fantastic experience that will take your sex life to completely new dimensions.


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