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Corsets and waist trainers

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 Garter Corsage With Lace Inserts 

SEK:699kr SEK:1199kr
 Retro Corset 

 Mademoiselle Cupless Bustier 

SEK:199kr SEK:278kr
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Corsets and waist trainers

In the 21st century, the corset has come back as a garment, among other things because of the movie Moulin Rouge! (2001). Corsets are common and well-known items of clothing in the goth, fetish and BDSM cultures.

Today's women still use a type of corset as everyday clothing. After all, we use the bra every day and the principle of this garment is the same as it is for the corset. It is there to hold up and shape the body. The corset is often perceived as sexually attractive and is a fetish for many men.

In our shop we have lots of different corsets made in modern materials. The prices are almost ridiculously low and it is a garment that can add extra spice to sex life or that can be worn in other contexts. Sexy underwear is always nice to experience or see. The most common buyer is actually a man looking for sexy clothes for his wife or partner, but all customers are of course equally welcome.

Different types of corsets

Overbust corset
Underbust corset
Waist cincher
Bridal corset
S corset
Riding corset
The breastfeeding cross
Waist trainer

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