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Shipping Guide

Orders are normally sent the same day or the first working day after the order has been made. Normal Postal shipping time may vary between 1-4 days. The parcels are delivered via Postnord or DHL Packagaes via Postnord will be notified via a written notification in the mail and you have to get your anonymus parcel at the nearest service point. Shipments through DHL will be delivered to your door. If you are not at home then a written notice will be sent via mail.

All shipping costs are INCLUDED in the price of the product.

Some products under the cathegory clothes have longer deliverytime. The extra deliverytime (7-15 days) is motivated by the low prices. If you cant wait that long then please use the faster shipping option below.

Faster Shipping

It is possible to get the items with 7-15 days delivery faster via DHL and that normally takes 3-4 days. There is an additional cost for this service but if you order clothes for 800:- or more then this service is free and the parcel is shipped in 3-4 days.

The producs with 1-4 days free shipping can NOT be delivered with a faster option.

If you have questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us either via our webshop chat or email at

Please add it to your shopping cart below if you prefer FASTER shipping.


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