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 Gnetics Extender
 Gnetics Extender  Gnetics Extender
 Gnetics Extender  

Gnetics Extender

: GneticsExtender
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Gnetics Extender

Penis enlargement device

Gnetics is a device designed to stimulate the natural growth of the penile tissues, helping to increase its size, and help correct the curvature. It is easy to use, safe and can be worn under clothes for several hours.

Gnetics is indicated for:
• Increase in size and thickness of penis
• Help to improve erections and sexual response
• Help correct penile curvature up to a certain degree

How does it work?
Obviously, the male member has its limitations as far as length and thickness is concerned, since the size is linked to the capacity of the corpora cavernous to store blood during erection.

Gnetics Extender is based on the principle of traction, it applies to elongate body parts, in the case of the penis carrying out traction gradually and progressively, it drives the growth of the suspensory ligament, the columns of erectile tissue and remaining penile tissue.

Ergoturn System
Ergoturn system is a unique and patented technology incorporated in Gnetics Extender, which allows you to put the limbs in its natural position to avoid possible pain.

This technology is new on the market for this type of products. Its components have been developed taking into account biological and technological data. Providing a turning radius of 45 ° versus 13 ° normal, which makes it unique with respect to other devices of this kind. Gnetics is an extender that uses traction to help lengthen your penis size easily and safely.

How to use
The use of Gnetics mode is very simple, as reflected in the instructions. The correct way to wear the device is in a flaccid state. The time can range from 4 to 9 hours per day. The treatment consists of two steps and any modification of treatment can alter the indicated results.


Does the use of Gnetics cause any pain?
As is logical, at first you will notice the presence of the device and can cause some discomfort. Once you have passed the first few weeks of use, this feeling disappears completely.

Does it require any minimum size of penis to be able to use Gnetic?
Yes without being erect, penis should measure 8cm. minimum. From this measurement, any individual can use Gnetics.

What is the appropriate age to use the extender?
From 18 years old. You must be of legal age to purchase the product.

Does the use of Gnetics have any side effects?
If you suffer wounds, ulcers, varicocele, prostatitis or some other ailment or sexual disease, you should not use until they are cured.

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