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 LibiGel - 100 ml
 LibiGel - 100 ml  LibiGel - 100 ml

LibiGel - 100 ml

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Women sexual arousal is influenced by many factors: the mood, endocrine, circulatory and nervous system.

Women sexual arousal is influenced by many factors: the mood, endocrine, circulatory and nervous system.

In order to maximize the excitement and relaxation LibiSpray  was applied to 2 active ingredients that improve libido: L-arginine and ginseng.

LibiSpray is water-based. That's why it's so safe for your skin not causing allergy.

LibiSpray does not leave any stains and it can be used together with condoms and erotic accessories.

Many years of experience in the cosmetics and erotic industry have resulted in a unique product. LibiGel is the highest quality gel lifting libido

It intensifies sexual experience, thanks to better blood supply

stronger orgasm, thanks to boosting clitorial blood flow

better lubrication

warm-up effect

pleasant tingling and stimulation

LibiSpray  is a lubricating gel which can be used as a lubricant. It counteracts abrasions and irritation. It has neutral pH value for intimate spheres of women.



L-Arginine is a relatively exogeneous amino acid participating in the synthesis of the key compounds of orgasms such as nitric oxide (its precursor ), agmatine. It's an amino acid performing a function of blood pressure regulator. Arginia takes part in the urea cycle and is said to be the natural precursor of ornithine. As it improves the functions of enothelium and blood supply, what affects the sensitivity increase of intimate spheres of women.

    Ginseng (Ginseng root extract)

This already known in ancient Chinese medicine species of of Eleutherococcus contains eleuterosides stimulating central nervous system, increasing adaptational efficiency of the body, increase psychic and physical efficiency. They improve general well-being, have an immunostimulating effect, increase tolerance to stress. Eleuterosides amplify and activate detoxication processes and processes of removing harmful metabolites from the body. Regulates hormonal disorders, has a stimulating effect. It also helps in the states of increased mental and physical exertion. Helpful in circulation problems and lowered libido.

Put some LibiSpray on intimate places (labia and clitoris).

Rub it gently in and let it absorb.

LibiSpray can be used directly before having sex or during foreplay.

LibiSpray stays on up to 30 minutes.

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