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 Orgasm Control Spray - 15ml
 Orgasm Control Spray - 15ml  Orgasm Control Spray - 15ml
 Orgasm Control Spray - 15ml  

Orgasm Control Spray - 15ml

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Orgasm Control Spray

Do you want to revive your sex life? You want to your partner boasted girlfriends length and intensity of your intercourses? If you dream about sexual efficiency of marathoner in bed use Orgasm Control Spray. Finish with a nervous sprint and disappointed woman's gaze!

Finally you bring her to a boil, then she will be asking you finished! Your embarrassment will disappear in intimate situations. Together with your partner will begin to enjoy the amazing and long sex.

ORGASM CONTROL has been created in order to support and regulate functioning of male body of any age. Enjoy sex and reach satisfaction without fear and doubts that you will not meet expectations of your partner or that pleasure will end too soon.

Prepare for a revolution in your erotic life. Naturally, without using potent drugs or troublesome, time consuming exercises. ORGASM CONTROL is a breakthrough diet supplement supporting sexual efficiency, control over libido. This is the key to satisfaction in the sphere.

Orgasm Control is a herbal dietary supplement - find out about its effectiveness. Instead of embarrassing situation to come up to a partner, you will feel the power of sexual marathon.


St. John’s Wort contains hypericine), essential oils, tanning agents, flavonoids, red colorant, the most important, medicinal ingredient of the herb has sedative-toning action. St. John’s Wort has analgesic, antiinflammatory, anticramp, antibacterial, gall-stimulating and astringent action. It has regeneration properties strengthening the nervous system. St. John’s Wort regulates levels of serotonine in the body, which can be felt as elevated feeling of well-being. The mechanism of action of hypericine, contained in St. John’s Wort, is based on blocking serotonine and noradrenaline reuptake. Serotonine deficiency is one of the most important reasons of bad mood and depressive states. The incredible efficiency of the antidepressive action of hypericine has been confirmed with clinical studies.


​ Oat contains saponines, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroidal compounds, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, many minerals, carotene, cereal protein (gluten), fats. Ingredients of this cereal have manifold, beneficial action. It prevents excessive excitation and has calming properties. Oat has been traditionally used in urine incontinency, because it strengthens Kegel muscles and prostate. Additionally, thanks to antidepressive and toning action, it mildly elevates energy levels and resistance to exertion. It supports the overloaded nervous system. Oat is used in therapy of depression and nervous exhaustion. Oat has good nutritional values and is used as a calming tonic both in herbalism and in homeopathy. It is used as a support in neuroses, nervous exhaustion states and in therapy of uneasiness and anxiety. It is also thought that it is helpful in impotency and useful in therapy of nervousness and insomnia. Additionally, thanks to minerals, fats and vitamins it contains, it greatly nourishes and regenerates skin

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