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Klarna Checkout makes it easy flexible and safe for you to shop online.  By answering a few questions you identify easily and you can choose the payment method that suits you best.

A flair with Klarna Checkout is that we differentiate between purchase and payment.  First confirm your purchase and then choose how to pay.  Either with Klarna invoice or Klarna account - or by card or bank transfer.  Everything is as safe.

For those customers who prefer a different form of payment, we have Payson or Paypal.  You can use your credit or debit card.  For Swedish customers there is also the possibility of using Swish.  Click on "Other Payment Options" at the checkout and select the one you prefer. If you have questions please contact the chat or send an email to info (at)

If necessary, Klarna takes credit reports.  This happens when you wish to pay against invoice.  

The companies we hire for payment meet the requirements for PCI DSS.  We hold SSL certificates and we follow PUL (Personal Data Act)


We use Klarna as payment broker and offer invoice payment (no invoice fee) installment card payment and bank payment.

Full payment terms can be found here

Under "Other payment options" you can use Swish Paypal and Payson.

Orders are usually shipped the same day or first day after the order has been made.  Delivery time may vary from 1 to 4 days.  The cost of shipping is included in our prices.  Free shipping applies to all countries in Europe.  We can ship freely to most countries but please check with us before ordering.  Pleasuredome is not responsible for local laws and customs regulations.  Check what's in your country before ordering.

Pleasuredome is not responsible if the customer enters incorrect address information. It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the address is entered correctly. If the parcel was returned because of incorrect address or delivered to the mailbox of the address provided, Pleasuredome will charge 180sek min for handling and return shipping cost.

Orders are usually shipped the same day or first working day after the order has been made.  Delivery and shipping time may vary from 1 to 4 days.  The packages come via Postnord (primarily) or DHL (for heavier packages).  We first email an order recognition and leave a tracking code with a link so you can follow your package online.  If Postnord manages the delivery you can pick up your package with the nearest representative. 

Normally the package can be with the agent up to 14 days before returning.  If a non-claimed package is lost then we do not accept any liability for this.  Returns shall always be traceable-trackable.  Any return shipping costs is catered by the costumer unless otherwise agreed with us.  If DHL shipped the goods the package will be delivered to the customer's address.  If you are not at home there will be an avi via the Post office and you can contact DHL to agree on how delivery will take place.  If you do not redeem your package then you will be charged for our actual costs. Maximum amount is 800 Sek.

If Pleasuredome can not deliver within the agreed time the customer shall without undue delay be informed of the reason for the delay and shall be informed of a new delivery date if possible.  If the delay is due to the fact that a product is out of stock proposals for replacement product will be sent by e-mail.  If Pleasuredome can not correct the problem within a reasonable time and delivery time is essential consumers have the right to cancel the purchase. 

This also applies to special orders.  Ongoing deliveries can not be interrupted.  If you want to cancel your order it must be done within 12 hours of placing your order.  If the goods have been shipped we can not cancel the delivery but then we can rely on the right of withdrawal which means that the return fee will be paid by the customer.

Choice of shipping method: In our checkout you can choose free shipping, which can mean that your order arrives at your mailbox and that it is NOT traceable. If you want to be sure that the package arrives at your agent and is traceable, choose option 2, Guaranteed via agent. If you choose home delivery, the package is considered delivered if Postal services indicates that this was done via traceability.

Return Policy
As an individual you have the right to undo your purchase within 14 days of receipt of the goods and for no special reason.  When using a right of withdrawal you pay (the customer) the return charge.  In those cases where a used item is returned or otherwise damaged by you as a customer we are entitled to deduct the depreciation when we refund you.  However note that you are fully authorized to open and control products without risking any impairment.  Intimate products can not be returned.  This applies to vibrator, dildo, masturbators etc. which are in direct contact with the user's genitals and body.  It also includes clothing that is worn closest to the body. 

However if you ordered an item that does not fit in size we can change this to ensure that you as a customer are safe to buy from us.  You may change once and you will be responsible for shipping costs.  Therefore check the sizes of each garment (see guide) before ordering to avoid unnecessary shipping.  Food supplements are not covered by the right of withdrawal.  This is to ensure that you as a customer do not receive products handled incorrectly.  If you start using a product it can not be returned.  Only unopened packaging may be claimed for the right of withdrawal.

Email us at the bottom of the page to inform you that you want to use the right of withdrawal before sending any goods back.  In order for us to approve a return a completed refill form must be submitted to us and the goods must be returned with traceable packages.

Link to the Consumer Agency's regret form (click)


We always do our utmost to get top quality products but sometimes it may be something wrong.  If you have received a damaged or erroneous item please contact us by email within 48 hours at the bottom of the page.  Complaint for receiving damaged item(s) received should be reported as soon as you identified it (within 24 hrs upon receiving). 

If your complaint concerns a damaged goods/shipment, the content and the original packaging should be saved in original condition, so that the shipping company can inspect it if necessary. 

Take note that transport damaged should be documented with pictures of the packaging box and reported directly to the pick up point once identified.

Keep in mind that the address card/waybill should remain. 

Damaged items may not be used, repaired, returned or discarded.

The processing of your complaint can be delayed or rejected completely if the above conditions are not met.

If you are returning a damaged item to us please do the easiest way in the packaging and packaging in which it was sent. We comply with the Consumer Buying Act which means 36 months of complaint.  The right of claim covers only original errors ie errors found in the item upon delivery.  Normal wear is not replaced.  Complaint is reported as soon as the fault should have been discovered and 2 months considered a reasonable time for damage / defect detection.

In case of a return of damaged / faulty goods we will always be responsible for the return charge.  Please note however that we only cater the cost if you first contacted us and received instructions to return the item.  In the case of a warranty claim we will be responsible for the shipping for the replacement product and the customer for the shipping to us. Important.You can not regret a buy by refusing to claim the parcel. All costs will be charged to the costumer in that case and many parcels tha are reurned never reach the destination.


Refund - deadline

The consumer is entitled to recover the money in the event of withdrawal within 14 days from the date on which pleasuredome received the notice.  However the customer may wait until the goods have returned or until the customer has provided proof that the goods have been returned.  Any fees from banks and brokers are not catered by Pleasuredome.

Refund - Terms

Refunds must be made using the same payment method as at the time of purchase.  The full amount will be refunded including shipping tax.  Charges from payment brokers like Payson and Paypal do not stand Pleasuredome. Cost of return shipping is catered by costumer.

Refund shipping costs on reclamation

If the pleasuredome undertakes redelivery or rectification of the defect in the complaint, any shipping costs will be refunded within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods send to pleasuredome. Return of goods and refund shall be made without undue delay.

Cancelled delivery

If the customer wishes to cancel an ongoing delivery due to other reasons, you must return the package . We withdraw no payment requirements until the product returned. Any costs associated with this are not catered by Pleasuredome. It is best to consult with us to avoid costly additional costs. You can not regret a buy by refusing to claim the parcel. All costs will be charged to the costumer in that case and many parcels tha are reurned never reach the destination.


I a product is incorrect or damaged, please contact us so that together we can solve the problem. We are always trying to solve the dispute in a mutually satisfactory manner. If no agreement is reached, you will have the opportunity to bring the case to the National Board for consumer complaints. Contact the National Board for consumer complaints through the letter Box 174 101 23 Stockholm or email here (click). Their website can be found here

We follow, of course, all decisions taken by the National Board for consumer complaints you can also contact the European Commission's online platform for dispute resolution (ODR) to resolve disputes. To access their website, click here

The above conditions will be sent out via email when ordering

Contact information

Full contact information including physical address, email address and/or phone number for customer support, as well as the registration number is found at the bottom of each page in the store.

Children's privacy online
At, we understand that children's privacy is important. does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age, minors under 18 years of age may not use this site and parents or legal guardians may not agree to the terms of use on their behalf. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) any of the terms of use so please do not use this site. If you are a parent and you want to limit your children's access to material you believe may be harmful to them, maybe you should look into commercially available hardware, software and filtering devices. If you are interested in learning more about these protections, there is information available through,, www. cybersitter and other similar sites.
The above conditions have been mailed to the customer within a reasonable time after delivery or at the customer's request.

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