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sexiga läderkläder

 Leather clothing

Varnish is made from PVC and has an Interior that looks like plain woven fabric while the outside is blank as if it were lacquered. To keep in mind is that the material does not stretch, so it is important that you check the measurements when ordering. Nor is it transparent so it "breathes" not. For the care of your garments so use a damp cloth and dark spaces for storage is preferred. Dark colors can also stain light-colored paint and clothes to keep them separate.

Leather is a strong and natural fabrics commonly have very long life if you handle it right. You should wipe off their new leather garments with a damp cloth and then lubricate it with Balsam. If you want you can even impregnate the garment with a spray. Leather stretch o guess to a certain extent according to the body's shape, so over time they becoming more comfortable to wear.

Artificial leather is a material manufactured to resemble leather. Life expectancy is shorter but it is also cheaper and easier to manage. Animal friends may also prefer this material? The garment does not stretch as much as real leather so it shapes itself not as much for the wearer.

 Datex/Wetlook Leggings/Stockings
Datex/Wetlook Leggings/Stockings

 Datex/Wetlook Lingerie
Datex/Wetlook Lingerie

 Wetlook Corset
Wetlook Corset

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